Poor Reflections (Door Mirror Problems)

October 2, 2022

Mirror, mirror on the door, why is my vision there so poor? Well, you could have a broken outside rearview mirror that's disabled your blind spot vision there and endangering your ability to see some of the traffic around you. Outside rearview (or door) mirrors are important safety devices that ... More

Light Up your Life (Headlamp Replacement)

September 25, 2022

Did you know that having a burned out headlight can result in your rearview mirror reflecting some flashing lights? In other words, you might get pulled over by the police for only having one working headlight, because in most places it's against the law. Not only is it illegal to drive with one... More

How Far We've Come (Newer Vehicle Technology)

September 18, 2022

Automotive design has come a long way since the days of the Model T, especially when it comes to safety technology. You can thank computers for a lot of the latest innovations. Here are a few that have been making their mark in recent years. Adaptive cruise control. This is cruise control with... More

The Daily Grind (Grinding Noise)

September 11, 2022

If your vehicle makes a grinding sound when you turn the steering wheel, it's speaking to you. No, really, it is. So listen to what it's saying and you could avoid a much more costly repair down the road. A grinding sound coming from the front of your vehicle when you are turning can offer some... More

What to Do After You Buy a Used Vehicle in Elgin

September 8, 2022

So you've bought a used vehicle in the Elgin area. Do you know what you're getting? It is hard to know what you're getting because people in the Elgin area sell vehicles for different reasons. Think about why you've sold vehicles. Did you just want something new or were there problems that you w... More

Braking News: Keep Your Stopping Power

September 7, 2022

Richard Petty once told AutoNetTV, You've gotta have good brakes. If you've got good brakes you can keep yourself out of a lotta trouble.That's why a regular brake inspection is on every Elgin driver's maintenance schedule. An inspection by your service advisor at Tuffy Auto Service Center Elgin... More

Trip Inspection at Tuffy Auto Service Center Elgin in Elgin

September 6, 2022

Elgin area drivers love their vehicles. And one of the most enjoyable things about them is taking a road trip. Freedom from daily schedules, new sights and the open road it's great! But there's nothing like vehicle trouble to bring the fun to a grinding halt.Now Elgin drivers can't always avoid... More

Suspension Service in Elgin at Tuffy Auto Service Center Elgin

September 5, 2022

When they hear the word suspension, many drivers in Elgin may think back to those energetic days of grade school. Well, your vehicle's suspension is actually a good thing because it keeps your vehicle up off the road and helps provide a comfy ride around Elgin. Its job is to keep your wheels fir... More

Tuffy Auto Service Center Elgin Radiator Service

September 4, 2022

The coolant system is a vital part of your vehicle. It is also the second most common cause for vehicle failures. Even though coolant system failure is fairly common in Elgin, it is easy to prevent. The most recognizable part of the coolant system is the radiator. It is connected to the engine wi... More

What is a TPS? (Throttle Position Sensor)

September 4, 2022

You know you have an accelerator pedal; step on it and your vehicle is supposed to go. But did you know there is a part in your vehicle that keeps track of where the throttle is? It's called the Throttle Position Sensor, or TPS. The TPS is a sensor that helps your vehicle figure out the right mi... More